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Are you an entrepreneur or building a side hustle to one day replace your 9-5? Mindset is the most important piece.

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How Your Emotions Affect Your Success

Are you ready to experience focused action and success by transforming stress, self-doubt and unnecessary speed-bumps into positive momentum? 

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The Procrastination Cure: 

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Procrastination and Poor Results

Procrastination, Perfectionism, Overwhelm is likely the result of an automation that needs to be replaced

or lack of clarity, rather than a character flaw.


"Valerie Pugsley of Inspired Strategic Solutions has again impressed me with the value and knowledge base that she offers. I have participated in her master mind groups and her one on one coaching and always feel helped and as if I am making forward progress in my business goals. She is faithful and determined to show you results and to be part of making a difference in your efforts for success. I would recommend her service to you"

Patty Hansen
Team One Accounting - Founder

After a couple of sessions with Valerie I was able to identify an important business key to growth. Before I would meet with clients I would look over their websites and give them recommendations in the meeting. Valerie encouraged me to promote providing a free website audit and then meeting in person with clients to discuss the results. Making this small change in how I present my business has lead to a huge increase in prospective customer meetings and ultimately new clients. Valerie is great at listening between the lines and helping business owners see some things they may be missing.

Michael Daehn
The Website Guy - Custom Websites & Email Marketing


Meet You Coach



As your Success Mindset and Abundance coach I'm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs like you renew their minds for increased focus, momentum and success. 

With over 10 years experience coaching mission-driven business owners, I specializes in strategies to overcome procrastination, lack of clarity and limiting-beliefs.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Valerie Pugsley

Renew Your Mind to Increase Focus, Momentum & Success