Review & Refocus Power Hour


Join Us Friday April 28th & June 2nd 11:00am-12:00pm PT

(Join while it's still free)

  • You have the intention or want to review your month and set up for the next but it rarely happens.
  • You work better when others are around.
  • You're more likely to accomplish something when there is an external deadline.

You'll Get:

Renewed focus for greater momentum and productivity
Extra happy juice for your brain when you celebrate with others
Clarity around you next steps
Come join this co-working session: Agenda
Brief introduction
Silence mics, review your month and document
Time permitting look at the month ahead
Last 5-10 mins we'll share and celebrate any insights and WINS with each other.
I realize this isn't the last day of the month, in my experience perfectionism is one of the things that keeps this review from happening. In my view this is close enough and you can catch the last few days when you review the next month.
Don't let another month go by without reflecting on your progress and setting goals for the future. Join Reflect & Review Power Hour co-working and get the support you need to succeed!

In the first email look for the link to click if you only want info and reminders for monthly review co-working events.