Rewire Your Mindset with the Power of Intentional Language

By Valerie Pugsley

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Clara struggled with perfectionism and was often tired on group coaching calls. After a few sessions with Valerie, they worked on putting her negative self talk on trial. Clara adapted and expanded the sentence from the sessions. After a few weeks of listening to this and some other reframes before bed and waking up in the mornings, Clara started showing up to calls, with a much lighter countenance, smiling and not so tired.

Benefits You Get From Using This Guide

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Benefit 1

Shift your mindset from overwhelm to empowerment through positive self-talk and reframing.

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Benefit 2

Boost motivation and momentum by choosing words that inspire energy and forward progress over negativity and avoidance.

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Benefit 3

Program your subconscious for success by intentionally focusing your thoughts on solutions instead of problems.

Rewire Your Mindset with the Power of Intentional Language

About the Author

Valerie Pugsley is a Success Mindset and Abundance coach dedicated to helping entrepreneurs renew their minds for increased focus, momentum and success. She specializes in strategies to overcome procrastination, lack of clarity and limiting-beliefs so her clients can have a positive impact in their areas of influence.