Things I Learned in 2021

The beginning of 2021 was as uncertain as 2020 and yet I continued to grow thanks to the coaches mentioned below. Here is some of what I learned and I hope it encourages you to see what you learned.

Have you ever felt like your prayers are hitting the ceiling or that God is far away in heaven? This year Jim Baker share how God and eternity is with us now in such a way that it took that far away concept away. This is changing my experience with God. How to do see and sense God? Do you feel Him with you. far off, or something else?

Have you ever had that feeling or prompting to do something, but never get to it or talk yourself out of it? This year I’ve followed through with it resulting in some of the other lessons from this year, and conversations that have resulted in new clients. Like my coach @Shawn Q says, good things are on the other side of conversations. What’s a prompting or conversation you want to follow through with before the end of the year?

As a kid I always wanted to have a diary and I started them several times but never got more than a week or two under my belt before dropping the ball. Now it’s called journaling and as an adult I’ve continued to pursue it but giving myself grace when it takes a back burner and picking it up again. One of the benefits I noticed this year through the Journey app that I use is it gives you prompts from previous years. It has shown me especially this year the results from all the work I’ve done on soft skills over the past several years. My husband and I are facing 3 challenging situations, but when I see glimpses from the last four years, I can see a previous challenging time with only 2 situations and am feeling the difference emotionally and mentally. Without that work you wouldn’t be reading this as I wouldn’t have had the capacity to write it. How do you see the fruit of growth over time? Do you have a journaling or diary practice?

Anyone else put 30-40 items on their “To-Do” list knowing there’s no way to get it all done, but still hoping some how you can make it happen this time? When I was using Click-up that is what was happening. This year I was encouraged via the Full Potential Course with Jon Acuff to  have an honest calendar. He further encourage  that takes 12 weeks to get it in flow. I’m still working on it but seeing hope for the future.  Do you have an Honest calendar or as I did a Fantasy calendar or something else?

Sometimes following intuition like I mentioned above may be following other’s intuition. Like at the beginning of the year when @Greg Vance invited me to take part in Shirzad Chamine’s PQ mental fitness program. After consulting with my husband, I followed his intuition. In the first two weeks I learned about my saboteur traits and more importantly improved my self-command over them. It has been so significant I’m pursuing a certification in his process to add it to my coaching toolkit. How is your self-command over things like procrastination, perfectionism or overwhelm? Have you got it mastered or could it use some help?

This seems to be the year of new processes and I’m grateful to be working with @Chuck Whitley a Spiritual Direction Coach. It’s been interesting to see how the mental fitness process above is helping with this process which can best be described as some teaching but largely guided prayer with a note taker. The beauty of having a coach is that they hear and see things we don’t because were in it. The analogy I like is “When we’re in the bottle we need someone else to help us read the label” Who do you have in your life to help you read the label?

I remember the fear and uncertainty I felt at 10 years old when my parents divorced and my Dad my protector from the “Boogie Man” was no longer living with us. [Never mind he was the one who invented the Boogie Man and created the fear.] The last almost two years when that fear has arisen as a result of some of the current uncertainties my trust in God and the leading of His Spirit have been tested and and increased. When the fear comes up I quickly go to prayer and trust in the one who is bigger than any bank account, government, or illness. The one who is able to comfort in times of sorrow and loss. During this unique season what traits have grown in you? Where do you get your hope from?

In the year to come I aim to solidify these lessons so I can share them clients and others who will benefit from them. I look forward to continue learning from Shawn, Chuck, Jim, Jon, Shirzad and most importantly God. Which of the lessons resonated with you most? Did you learn something this year you’d like to share? What are you aiming for in 2022?